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What makes our Premier Let service different?

Our Premier Let scheme is a fully managed service that enables us to provide you with your rent on an agreed date EVERY month, regardless of whether the tenant pays or not.

There are many agents in the industry that offer to ‘guarantee your rent’. We have found that the vast majority of them will take your property for a fixed term of three to five years and can only offer this service by subletting your property to a local authority who pays them a fee for housing council tenants.

In most instances they will not offer full market rent and you have no control over the tenants in your property. In some instances landlords have been left with damage to their property and high refurbishments costs at the end of the tenancy.

Our Premier Let is different because it is exclusive to professional tenants who undergo a full and stringent referencing and credit check to ensure their suitability.

We do not offer this service to council tenants nor any tenant in receipt of benefits. You get to choose your tenant and the term of the tenancy.

How does it work?

Subject to successful referencing and relevant contracts being signed, we will pay you the full rent (minus any fees if applicable) on the due date, each month.

Regardless of whether the tenant pays the rent, you will receive your monies due to you. If for any reason your tenant needed to be evicted, this will be dealt with by us with, no legal costs incurred by you. You will continue to receive your rent until vacant possession is obtained.

Take a look at the benefits of Premier Let:

  •   No late payments

  •   Very simple process

  •   FREE Professional Inventory and check in supplied

  •   Flexible payment options

  •   Full market value rental income

  •   Consistent payment date, regardless of whether the tenant pays or not

  •   Up to £50,000 of court costs/legal expenses covered

  •   Will cover rent up to £5,000 p.c.m

  •   Carefully vetted professional tenants

  •   Strict referencing procedure

  •   Regular property inspections

  •   Full damage deposit (up to 6 weeks) held in a Government-approved scheme

  •   Full protection for the duration of the tenancy – regardless of how long the tenant stays

  •   Monthly rent statements

  •   Annual end of tax year statement


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